Elphinstone Spinning & Weaving Mills

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Elphinstone Spinning & Weaving Mills
Tapidas Mill




The Elphinstone Spinning & Weaving Company -- today the India Bulls Financial Centre -- was first known as the "Tapidas Mill", started in 1897 by Dayabhoy Tapidas. His agency Tapidas Varajdas & Company also took over the management of one of the earliest mills, the Alliance Spinning & Weaving Company and the Bombay National Mills until 1902 when it became known as the Elphinstone.

The largest mill group in the city E.D. Sassoon & Co., Ltd. took over the managing agency in 1922 until 1943, followed by Chidambaram Mulraj & Co. which resigned in 1953, and the well-known business house of Soorajmull Nagarmull of Calcutta are now associated with the management of the affairs of the company.

Extensions to the buildings and various additions to machinery were made from 1945 to 1951. Under the post-war expansion plan 8,500 additional spindles were installed during 1946-1951. Besides, the mills were switched over from mechanical power to electrical power in 1951. A new factory for manufacturing plastic and nitrocellulose leather cloth was started in 1951; it is one of the biggest factories of its kind in India. (ITJ 1954, 234)

The mill was nationalised in 1983 following the Textile Strike and became part of the National Textile Corporation.


Dayabhoy Tapidas


Elphinstone Road, Parel

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The Elphinstone Spinning and Weaving Mills Co.Ltd., Kamani Chambers, 32, Ramji Bhai Kamani Marg, Bombay-38


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